General sales Conditions

Our sales are made only according to the "conditions" shown below. Each order accepted by our firm will be fulfilled following these terms, notwithstanding all the regulations, except for our written and signed agreement .

ORDER CONFIRMATION: The orders and the commitments taken on by our sales representatives are considered to be effective only after our approval or confirmation.
We won't assume any responsibility for the complete fulfilment of the order and in case of missing articles, the customer doesn't have any right to run legal objections or suspend the payment.

PRICES: The prices list are ex our factory and exclude VAT. The packaging is included in the price.

PRODUCT MODIFICATIONS: The data, the sizes, the articles, the prices, the characteristics, the performancies and all the other data written in our catalogues, lists, tables, newsletters etc. only have indicative value; they can be modified by us without any notification, and they have binding value only if there is a declared indication in the order approval or confirmation.

NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: Any design and technical document concerning our products, even if given to the customer, has always to be considered of our own property, and it can not be used by the customer or copied, duplicated or sended or transmitted to others without our prior written approval.

DELIVERY TERMS: even if agreed in our order confirmation, the delivery terms are only indicative and they are not to be considered binding. Our goods travel at the customer risks, because they are considered sold in our factory, unless there is a written indication saying the contrary. The delivery date is always approximate and, except for different agreements, the customer is not allowed to refuse all or part of the goods or ask for compensation for direct or indirect damages in case of late delivery or despatch.

CLAIMS: The buyer is recommended to check the conformity between the products listed in the shipping note and the products delivered, and he has to communicate to our firm any discrepancy within 48 hours from the goods receiving. The property of the goods becomes of the buyer only once the payment is made. Moreover we have the right to keep the products in repair if the customer hasn't paid the whole amount of money he is supposed to pay in order to pay off all his debts towards us.

WARRANTY: Our warranty only consists in the pure and simple replacement of the piece which must be returned to us by the customer and at his own expensens. Therefore any expenses, damages, interests or compensation are peremptorily excluded. However, the products manufactered by our firm identified as defective, behind the customer claim made within 8 days from the discovery of the defect and anyway within six months from the delivery date, will be repleaced only by us. Anyway our responsibility only refers to those defects which arise in normal use conditions and during a correct utilization of our product.

PAYMENT: Except for written dispensations, any payment must be made to our firm in Euros. Any delay or irregularity gives us the right to interrupt the supply or solve the ongoing agreements included those not concerning the payments at issue, as well as the right, accruing from the payment expire date and without the need of any default notice, to the moratorium interests of usage for banking credits. The buyer will not be able to claim any possible non-fulfilment of our Company if he is not paid-in. The buyer is compelled to pay the whole payment also in case of disputes or notifications. Any compensation with contingent credits arisen towards the supplier firm is not allowed.

COMPETENT COURT: The court of Brescia shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

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