So many Realities
One Vision only


Being a Group means having the culture, expertise, service and products the Customer needs to succeed. CPF Industriale, Geca and Tecnocontrol have been created to meet market demand in real time, to show credibility and structural strength.
It’s true. We’re a resilient group because in over 70 years we have been able to understand and bring technology, products and customer service in line with the real needs of our Customers, who have changed incredibly over time. We have placed extreme attention on listening, analysing and studying without interfering with the final goal: Uncompromised Quality.
Our Group is currently able to design, manufacture
and sell in the OEM, Industrial Gas Companies, Plumbing and Heating, HVAC, Gas distribution, Gas Safety and Oil & Gas sectors and operates in 91 countries worldwide.


CPF Industriale was established in 1949 by the capable hands of Enrico Cavagna. It has always focused on a highly specialised production of extinguisher valves, industrial gas valves, sprinklers and fire-fighting equipment.

Tecnocontrol was established in 1967 at the brilliant initiative of Mr. Santuz. Right from the start, the company stood out for gas analysis products, especially for the industrial sector. Tecnocontrol was taken over by our group in 2000.

GECA was founded in 1988 and thanks to its management expertise and high manufacturing quality, it soon established itself in the gas train and gas safety field. Its constantly adaptable approach led it to introduce new product lines, such as indoor air quality monitor.

FAG was created in 1974 as a manufacturer of filters for oil and heavy oil burners, and special filters on request. Over the years, it became a sector leader. The FAG brand has always been synonymous with quality and reliability. It was acquired by our group in 2018


CPF’s entire plant has been rewired with a latest generation hybrid network featuring optical fibre and 5Ghz radio-relay systems.
We have custom software to read and calculate data from manufacturing systems thanks to a smart data centre.
We have latest generation manufacturing systems for mass production and creating prototypes.

The People



Aldo Olli

Export Manager
We believe reputation is not just a word. It’s a long journey and an important promise.

there are more than 100 People in our group

Negli ultimi Due Anni



  • 2700000
  • 800000
    Infrastructural facilities
  • 600000
    Research & Development
  • 5000
  • 15000
    sqm of Covered facilities
  • 12000

Over 3500 hours of training every year



Being able to adapt to our Customers’ needs means being able to listen, understand and take action by drawing on our solid values and on our strong origins.

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