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Our story

The union of multiple realities has taken time, commitment, resilience. Our history is inextricably intertwined with each other: three companies that have been able to unite under the same objectives, the search for increasingly high-performance solutions and products and complete customer satisfaction.
The historical importance of CPF Industriale, born in 1949, the desire to stand out of Tecnocontrol, born in 1968, the attention to new technologies of Geca, the youngest, born in 1988. All these features have led to the creation of a single big company: CPF Group.
Combined by the same objectives, but also by the same values, the three companies have been guaranteeing quality, progress and efficiency for over 70 years, a benchmark in the OEM, Thermohydraulic, Electric, Gas and Safety sectors. In a word: CPF Group.


Resilience, the strength of our group

We are a resilient group because in 70 years we have been able to interpret and align technology, products and assistance in perfect harmony with the real needs of our Customers, which over the years have changed in an extraordinary way. We have paid extreme attention to listening, analysis and study without putting barriers to the final goal: Quality without compromise.
Today our Group is able to design, manufacture and distribute in the OEM, Thermohydraulic, Electrical, Gas and Safety sectors and is present in 91 countries worldwide.

Group companies

CPF Industriale was founded in 1949 by the expert hands of Enrico Cavagna. It has always led a very specialized production of valves for fire extinguishers, valves for technical gases, sprinklers and fire-fighting equipment.
Tecnocontrol was founded in 1967, by the brilliant initiative of Ing. Santuz. From the beginning, it stands out for its products related to the analysis of gases dedicated to the industrial world. In 2000 Tecnocontrol was acquired by our group.
GECA was born in 1988. Thanks to its management skills and high production quality, it has established itself in the field of thermoregulation and gas safety. Thanks to the always dynamic approach, it introduces new product lines


Lumezzane (BS)

The Cavagna family established CPF Industriale


Milano (MI)

Engineer Mr. Gino Santuz created Tecnocontrol


Founded FAG, filters for diesel burners manufacturer 


Gussago (BS)

Geca is born for the development of electronic products to complement the CPF


Segrate (MI)

Tecnocontrol stronger than a new impulse, expands


Gussago (BS)

The Yukon range is born


CPF Group is born


Comprehensive customer service

Our customer service is always at your disposal to guarantee you the best shopping experience and the best intervention. With speed and efficiency CPF Group is here for you. Discover our service

Inspections with professionals

For a good job book an inspection: our professionals are ready.

Support for specific productions

We create tailor-made projects. Whatever your needs, contact us.

After-sales and online support

At CPF Group we are always at your disposal even after the sale. Need help with online shopping? We're here for you.

Internal and external consultancy

We use the best professionals whether they are internal to the company or external consultants depending on your needs.


A company made up of people

Being a Group means having culture, skills, service and products that serve the Customer to be successful. CPF Industriale, Geca and Tecnocontrol, are united in CPF Group to respond to the market in real time, strong of their historicity and structural strength.


Born in 1962, Gian Paolo Cavagna is now president and CEO of CPF Group, which includes 3 companies with a total of about 100 employees. Gian Paolo has always worked in the OEM, Thermohydraulic, Electrical, Gas and Safety sectors. From 1982 until 1987 he was employed in the family business CAVAGNA GROUP Spa and then took over the leadership at GECA Srl in 1994 to which are added, again in 1994, CPF Industrial srl, in 2000 Teconcontrol Srl and in 2018 FAG Srl.


In 2003 Aldo Olli began his career at GECA srl as an export assistant, but not only: in fact, in the early years he also dedicated himself to the Italian market and successfully follows the promotion of the combustion analyzer in Brescia. It is also thanks to his attention during the countless trips abroad that Aldo understands the potential to create a new range of products in the gas ramps sector. Thus, he supports the technical department to develop new components and takes care of their market launch. Experience that leads him to know the company, FAG Srl, of which follows the acquisition in 2018. Today Aldo Olli is Export Manager for CPF Group.


CPF Group always strives for excellence: this is demonstrated by our attention to new production technologies, our flagship in the technical field. CPF Group, always in step with the times.

Design by Giugiaro

In modern industry, research, the technological value of products and their market positioning count. An absolute value that emerges strongly is also the aesthetic aspect, to be renewed continuously following the trends of the moment: design is an aspect that does not catch unprepared in our group, which in this invests considerable resources in men and means.
The collaboration with a world-renowned designer - GIUGIARO DESIGN - has led us to present products with an undisputed aesthetic for the modern stylistic canons adopted and appreciated all over the world. The result is a line of products that, even through the pleasant appearance, suggests the quality and reliability that are its own