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REXI-HC - Direct acting pressure regulator High Capacity

The REXI-HC Series is a direct-acting pressure regulator with balanced plug, or REXI-HC/D series pressure regulators is direct acting devices for low and medium pressure applications controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring, for low, medium and high pressures. Suitable for non-corrosive gases; thanks to the concept of a balanced plug, you can achieve a high flow rate coefficient, highly accurate (even at maximum flow rates), a lock up zone and relatively low lock up pressure, no internal leakage at zero flow rate and reduced response times.

The constancy of the regulated pressure and its accuracy, even with significant changes in the upstream pressure and/ or flow rate, make the REXI-HC Series regulator especially suitable for power distribution networks in civil and industrial plants. The basic version of the REXI-HC Series regulator is made according to European Standard EN 334, as a Fail to Open regulator.

The shut-off device can be calibrated for pressure increase, Over Pressure Shut-Off (OPSO) and/or for pressure decrease, Under Pressure Shut-Off (UPSO). The two intervention modes can be calibrated independently by dedicated calibration springs: one spring for the maximum pressure intervention and the second spring for the minimum pressure intervention. REXI-HC series can be supplied also without Slam Shut valve.

The REXI-HC Series can be equipped with an incorporated relief valve that discharge the gas into the atmosphere when the regulator outlet pressure exceeds the set value. When the outlet pressure returns to below the set value, the relief valve closes again

The MONITOR is a safety accessory that performs the functions of the service regulator when the main regulator fails. This is a regulator valve that is usually fully open during normal operation of the service regulator. The MONITOR is an emergency pressure regulator that is usually upstream, in the direction of the gas flow, of another pressure regulator that performs the function of a SERVICE regulator

Standard Specifications

Maximum inlet pressure (Pu) 20 bar
Outlet pressure (Pd) 5 mbar to 4,5 bar * ( refer to the table )
Slam Shut valve OPSO 30 mbar to 6,0 bar * ( refer to the table ) UPSO 6 mbar to 3,5 bar * ( refer to the table )
Relief Valve Pd + 15 mbar to 3000 mbar * ( refer to the table )
AC Accuracy class up to 5 (depending on version and set point)
SG Lock up class up to 10 (depending on version and set point)
Minimum operating differential pressure (Δpmin1) 100 mbar
Working Temperature - 20°c to + 60°C
Use Not Aggressive gases of three families - NG LPG - Town Gas - Air
Dimension DN25 - DN40 - DN50
PN16/25 according to ISO 7005-1 and ISO 7005-2.
On Request ANSI Class 125 FF according to ASME B16.1
Body Cast Iron GJS 400-18
Aluminum EN46100
Diaphragms Reinforced NBR
O-rings Nitrile rubber


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