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Multi-valve with integrated sprinkler system

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P.IVA 03131150173
via E.Fermi, 98 - 25064 Gussago (BS), Italy
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Multi-valve with integrated sprinkler system

Installed on a fire extinguisher, the multifuction valve offers the possibility to work automatically thanks to the integrated sprinkler system, in addition to the usual delivery mode via hose. The automatic distribution of extinguishers makes the multifunction valve a particularly suitable solution to protect cars, forklifts, batteries and places where the physical person is not present.

The design of the valve body and the NCHpltLm40e finishing treatment have been specially designed to ensure the greatest possible resistance to the sealing stresses of the altering agents present in foaming liquids, increasing the corrosion resistance capacity and, consequently, the performance in terms of durability and safety. The stainless steel pressure gauge and hose complete the range of accessories available.

Foam evolved for Lithium.


Disc Calibration-tube connection
20÷24 bar - M.16x1.5
Pressure Gauge M.10x1

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