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Guide to indoor air pollution: Yukon

Our health starts from the environment where we live. According to the World Health Organisation, healthy living accommodations must be able to guarantee a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing of its occupants. In a place where you regularly spend most of your time, it is first of all necessary to ensure good air quality, stable temperature and humidity, sufficient thermal and acoustic insulation and optimal air exchange, especially in less ventilated spaces. However, normal every-day activities are the first responsible of high domestic pollution levels, an unexpected danger, which threatens all households.

It is indeed inside the house, declares the ANTER (National Association Sustainable Renewable Energy), where people are exposed to 95% of air pollutant. Indoor combustions in particular, from cooking, up to the usage of heaters and fireplaces, may bring alarming levels of PM10, which, without a proper ventilation, remain in the environment for several hours.
The gravity of indoor air pollution, however, does not depend only on the presence of particulates. Pollen, dust and bacteria are proved causes of respiratory diseases and their levels in not-well-ventilated environments constitutes a risk factor, especially for children. Therefore, indoor air quality, yet often underestimated, turns out to be critical for people’s health, even more so than the exposure to smog and other outdoor pollutants.

As a result of this data, it is essential to be equipped with suitable tools to analyse the indoor air quality, in order to intervene in case of high levels of impurity. YUKON manufactured by Geca is the solution to the monitoring of indoor air quality, which combines new generation detectors and offers a wide variety of monitoring options for indoor pollution.

Yukon is able to detect the levels of PM2.5, PM10, CO2, in addition to air temperature and humidity. The version Yukon PRO also includes tracking of carbon monoxide (CO) and the version Yukon PRO+ also of formaldehyde. The device uses an integrated system of detectors to measure gas, particles and volatile compounds (VOC) and considers the prime toxicological aspects and aspects related to the safety of people in order to provide a comprehensive view of the air quality in the rooms by tracking the specific levels of every detected substance.

The user is constantly updated via notifications on the smartphone or another digital device. Thanks to the intuitive mobile App, compatible with operating systems iOS and Android, it is possible to directly connect to your Yukon device, to have access to summary graphs showing the detailed situation in every room, and to supervise individual or groups of detectors from everywhere.

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