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Is the air of your kitchen healthy? Find it out with Yukon: the smart solution for domestic pollution detecting

The air pollution is not only traffic and smog. High concentrations of CO2, dust and other toxic substances can be found also in ordinary houses, particularly in enclosed spaces where combustions regularly take place, or where toxic volatile substances are obtained simply from the evaporation of paints and materials, which set up the household furnishings.
Bedrooms and living rooms with fireplaces are just some of the places where daily concentrations of air impurities can be collected, even much higher than the amount of city smog. Among these, a particular mention should be dedicated to the kitchen, one of the most important environments of our house, where ventilated and as wide as possible spaces are required in order to oppose the onset of high levels of pollution, produced by cookers and small or big household appliances.
The rate of nitrogen and carbon oxides (nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, fine particles, formaldehyde) can actually rise quickly, and combining with the boiling humidity of food, it can generate very harmful exhalations, from which acrolein, hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic compounds and fine particles can be produced.
Moreover, in order to observe the new regulations about energy saving, the insulation of houses requires to rely increasingly on centralized systems for the adequate ventilation of environments. Consequently, it is essential to be provided of appropriate analysis tools enabling the right management of the ventilation system and therefore enabling to take action in presence of high air impurity concentrations.
To meet this need, Geca presents Yukon, the innovative solution for indoor air quality control which combines latest generation detectors and a software managing both the device and remote control to offer a wide option range for tracking the domestic pollution.
Thanks to an advanced detection technology, Yukon renovates and completes the range of home automation based on safety, providing a constant and detailed monitoring and thus protecting against several unhealthy situations to which people are daily exposed at home. Yukon is able to track the concentrations of PM2.5 dust, PM10 dust, CO2 (carbon dioxide), as well as air temperature and air humidity. To these are added carbon monoxide for the Yukon PRO and CO version, and formaldehyde for the Yukon PRO+ version.
Yukon makes use of an integrated system of sensors for the detection of gases, particles and volatile compounds, developed with the support of specialists from the “Politecnico di Milano” Foundation. The system takes into account the main human toxicological and safety features (according to the thresholds of ISO 16000 standard, the WHO guidelines) to give a complete picture of the air quality in the rooms, recording the specific values for each substance and identifying any possible deteriorations of the detection system.
Moreover, Yukon PRO AND Yukon PRO+ use professional sensors from safety applications, which are more evolved than the commonly used sensors by other monitoring systems: by eliminating the risk of cross-sensibility with cleaning products, alcohols and solvents, it is possible to get more accurate and reliable detections.
The user is constantly kept updated through notifications on his smartphone or other digital device. Thanks to the intuitive interface offered by the application, suitable with iOS and Android operating systems, it is possible to connect directly to the sensors, configure their options and access to notifications and summary graphs on the detailed situation of each room.

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