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BostonX combustion analyzer to the sales force

21 March 2023


In the prestigious Hotel Santa Barbara in San Donato Milanese, on Tuesday 21 March 2023 Tecnocontrol presented the new smart combustion analyzer BostonX to the plumbing and heating sales force.

The latest frontier in the field of combustion analyzers for thermal plants, BostonX is able to evaluate emissions and yields of as many as 26 different fuels in a simple and intuitive way. BostonX combines the high detection quality of Tecnocontrol sensors with intelligent connectivity functions that place it at the top of the market.

The meeting also represented an opportunity to reveal to those present the new strategic vision, the communication campaign and the new payoff of the CPF Group: "For a safe tomorrow ", focuses attention on the group's commitment to ensure a more peaceful future for everyone, thanks to the certainty of protection that CPF Group products can give. The three brands Tecnocontrol, CPF Industriale and Geca can now show a single and cohesive identity , capable of facing the challenges posed by an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving market.

During the meeting, the latest news with an updated catalog of increasingly sophisticated products were also presented, including the new GDS sensors. The commitment to innovation follows the objectives expressed in the corporate mission : "to continue the research and implementation of increasingly performing integrated solutions in the mechanical and electronic sectors, to be part of a highly specialized industry 4.0 with a high aesthetic value" .

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