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BRIXIA CPF fire hose reels: when prevention meets design

24 May 2023


Fire hose reels are fundamental elements for the safety of buildings. Consisting of a semi-rigid supply pipe wound on a rotating reel, hose reels are indispensable for countering the onset of fires in cases of extreme emergency and while awaiting the intervention of the fire brigade.

Almost always installed near the emergency exits, fire hose reels respond to extremely practical intervention needs and for this reason they often appear unattractive from an aesthetic point of view, clashing with the surrounding environment. CPF's BRIXIA fire hose reel, on the other hand, ranks at the top of a product line that combines design with highly performing and certified features, in compliance with the strictest regulations.

The result of in-depth and careful research by the best designers, the BRIXIA CPF fire hose reel is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, unique in terms of ergonomics and elegant lines, able to blend in perfectly even in the most prestigious environments.

BRIXIA fire hose reels are made in accordance with UNI EN 671-1 with CE Certificate of Conformity: CPD/0497/397/05 by CPF, a company that has been a leader in the production of valves for fire extinguishers, valves for technical gases, sprinklers and fire fighting equipment since 1949. Made with high quality materials, the BRIXIA fire hose reels are equipped with a steel hose reel and brass fittings. The DN25 pipe and the fractionating nozzle comply with the EN 694 and UNI EN 671-1 standards.

Thanks to the long experience in prevention of the CPF brand, BRIXIA CPF can thus offer the most efficient fire protection with innovative aesthetic covering and low prices. Thanks to BRIXIA, the CPF protection guarantee of all time is now suitable for all indoor environments: a perfect solution for harmoniously integrating a safety device of the highest quality even in the most prestigious and exclusive buildings.

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