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Checking the gas system: how to do it safely?

26 October 2021


A trivial failure or gas leakage can have massive consequences.
News related to building collapses due to incorrect or lack of maintenance of the systems represent a sad and constant statement.
The leak test of the gas system is essential for safety and must be carried out both on an installation that has just been built and in the event of renovations and maintenance or after replacing the appliances, before commissioning.
The UNI 7129 and UNI 11137 standards regulate the methods by which the leak tests of the gas distribution system must be carried out, strictly regulated and absolutely necessary for the system to be certified and to be placed in service.
When an operation is so important to the operation and safety of the whole system, the right measurement tool can make the difference.
Tecnocontrol presents a new portable instrument completely different from the standards of the previous versions, thus introducing not only performance at the highest level, but also practicality, durability, ease of use and design.
ST200PT, the gas system leak test instrument includes the whole process in memory indicated by the UNI7129 and UNI11137 standards and performs them fully automatically by simply selecting the type of test to be performed and pressing the start button on the display: the instrument will perform the test in COMPLETE AUTONOMY, giving exact response about the outcome of the system status.
The new instrument with refined aesthetics has been designed to give priority to ergonomics of use. Combined with a futuristic and heavy duty casing it’s suitable even for the most extreme use.
The new portable Tecnocontrol instrument is free from keyboard and can be used exclusively by pressing the intuitive touch screen controls, so simple that you can even forget the user manual, which is in any case stored in the instrument's memory and can be displayed at each step.
ST200PT will soon be equipped with bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, and it is equipped with an IR printer for printing the tests, otherwise this can be stored on a special MicroSD (not included) to be inserted inside the instrument.
A colour touch screen suddenly displays the main values ​​related to the test. Also supplied with the instrument is the Datalogger which uses the MicroSD memory and the USB-C port which allows the lithium battery to be charged and data to be downloaded. The firmware update takes place via microSD, Wi-Fi or via USB-C.
The instrument for for leakage test is also equipped with self-retaining "Push-Pull" connectors, a rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery or, alternatively, a housing for “AA” batteries.
The instructions for using Tecnocontrol instruments are also available on the display. The device is equipped with acoustic signals to confirm each operation typed on the display.

ST200PT, welcome to the future.

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