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Combustion analysis and smoke control: boiler care not to be underestimated

21 June 2023


During the winter season, malfunctions in heating systems are a tangible danger to everyday safety. Damage from wear and tear and lack of maintenance can compromise the functioning of domestic boilers, with the risk of serious consequences for people. The concern of the tenants should be to submit the boiler to periodic checks, usually annually (but may vary according to the manufacturer's provisions), by specialized personnel. Only a thorough check by authorized operators is a guarantee of safety and peace of mind throughout the winter.

Combustion analysis. A step necessary to keep the systems in good condition and for a long time

A specific step that should not be underestimated is the analysis of the boiler combustion process. Not only does the performance of the system depend on its correct functioning, but also its longevity, its impact on the environment, savings on bills and, of course, the health of the inhabitants of the building. Given the dangerousness of the substances involved in heating systems, periodic combustion control is a fundamental practice that should not be ignored to insure against gas leaks and dispersions, failures or breakages.

We are therefore talking about the famous blue dot, the efficiency test performed to ascertain the correct boiler emissions and understand if interventions are necessary. Compared to ordinary maintenance, the periodicity of the blue dot is determined on the basis of the power of the plant (if lower or higher than 100kW) and the type of fuel used (with a greater frequency required for solid or liquid fuel plants compared to the corresponding methane or LPG). The combustion analysis monitors various values related to the gaseous emissions of the plant, including draught, incomplete combustions and, crucially, the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The toxicity of the substances involved makes these operations particularly delicate.

Who can carry out the boiler combustion analysis?

The intervention of a specialized technician is required to carry out the boiler combustion analysis. It is important for the operators and maintenance technicians in charge of the checks to be equipped with the appropriate measuring instruments. As part of the safety and efficiency verification of boiler combustion, instruments must be used that comply with the technical requirements of the UNI 10389-1, UNI10389-2, UNI 10845, UNI 7129 and UNI 11137/2 standards for testing the systems.

Combustion analyzers represent for professionals an indispensable instrumentation within the equipment for safety checks. Their operation exploits the extraction of gas samples from the pipelines to calculate the combustion efficiency and quantify any toxic emissions.

BostonX. an innovative tool for the combustion analysis of thermal plants

To facilitate the maintenance operations and improve the reliability of the controls, Tecnocontrol presents BostonX , the analyzer capable of evaluating the yields of 26 different solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, and simplifying the memorization and consultation of the results thanks to the connectivity options smart .

BostonX offers highly accurate readings, viewable in real time from your smartphone. Thanks to the native App it is possible to save and monitor the data in the cloud, transmit the measurements directly to the company or print the results via Bluetooth connection.

BostonX can be used on heating systems of any size and allows you to pre-fill attachments G and F, limiting possible errors. It is equipped with a lithium battery which ensures autonomy from 4 to 6 hours, allowing the device to work for a whole day without recharging problems.

BostonX can also count on an extremely fast and widespread assistance service in the area, capable of responding quickly to any problem and which allows the return and return of the item in the same day for repairs or checks.

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