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Dalì chronothermostat: thermoregulation and air quality monitoring

24 November 2023


One device for all household detection needs. Geca launches Dalì, the innovative chronothermostat that surprises with a feature that makes it unique on the market, the monitoring of air health in the domestic environment. The result of Geca’s experience in gas detection and domestic thermoregulation, Dalì constantly measures the specifications of home air, from temperature and humidity, to the levels of harmful gases and pollutants present in the environment in which you live. The high detection accuracy is coupled with the convenience of a truly smart management, via APP or voice assistant.

Designed to meet the needs of control within the walls of the house, the Dalì chronothermostat allows you to always have up-to-date information about the heating or air conditioning system and easily change its status and settings. The thermal comfort guaranteed by Dalì, combined with the air quality measurement system, makes this the result of the cutting-edge technology of Geca a device at the service of comfort and health.

Thanks to the sophisticated detection sensors, Dalì measures the main pollutants in house air, such as organic volatile compounds (VOC) and carbon dioxide, in a constant and with absolute precision, and, if the user so wishes, can instantly alert you if health limits are exceeded. It is also possible to set a visual indication of air quality, which by means of a three-color led band intuitively signals the need to aerate or purify the environment.

The smart soul of Dalì is detectable in the possibility of management via smartphone and compatibility with the main home automation assistants. The Dalì chronothermostat is completely controllable through the special application, which thanks to a practical interface allows constant access to the data collected and the operating settings.

In addition to the control via App, Dalì is equipped with a geolocation function, freely adjustable, which allows the automatic activation and shutdown according to the distance of the user from the home, to ensure maximum convenience of use.

Like all Geca home detection devices, Dalì is certified according to EN 50194 standards. Can be installed on the wall or on a built-in box with 2 or 3 modules, Dalì is a real minimal and essential piece of furniture, able to give a design note to any environment

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