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Ideal temperature and energy saving for every season Chronothermostats CRONO C5 and CRONO C5R TOUCH IN CLASS V

27 June 2023


new Class V devices for regulating the temperature on the market : the chronothermostats CRONO C5 and CRONO C5R TOUCH.

The chronothermostat has become an essential tool for our homes. By centralizing the thermal comfort settings in a single practical device, the chronothermostat allows you to program the switching on and off of the heating according to your needs, guaranteeing significant savings in consumption and energy. Thanks to the chronothermostat, the room temperature can be optimized in the different days and time slots, activating the heating only when it is really needed.

The new Geca chronothermostats CRONO C5 and CRONO C5R TOUCH allow modulation of boiler power and water temperature, reducing energy waste. Designed for advanced Class V thermoregulation systems, they are compatible with all boilers that use an OpenTherm Standard protocol. CRONO C5 and CRONO C5R TOUCH are ideal for modulating boilers, heat pumps and hybrid systems, both in heating and cooling.

CRONO C5 and CRONO C5R TOUCH allow you to set the desired temperature in advance through weekly programming and are equipped with the “Holiday” function to save energy during periods of absence. The control panel features an intuitive icon system that allows you to monitor the temperature and adjust the system settings and features a dual Summer-Winter operating mode to ensure maximum comfort in all seasons.

The chronothermostats also have the Comfort and Economy functions, which make it possible to reach the ideal temperature for the room by reducing consumption to a minimum, and the Set Point function for regulating the temperature of the domestic hot water.

In addition, the CRONO C5R TOUCH model is equipped with a backlit display in six modifiable colours, controlled by 4 touch screen keys for greater intuitive use. Powered at 24 Vdc, this chronothermostat also has the on/off relay function for non-modulating boilers.

The CRONO C5 and CRONO C5R TOUCH chronothermostats allow access to the 65% and 110% tax bonus requirements.

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