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Safety in industrial plants and the advantages for installation: CE516P industrial gas control units

04 August 2021

Gas detection systems represent the first step towards the protection of workers and environments, as they provide continuous protection and promptly alert, thanks to the interception by the detectors, of harmful substances present in the environments.

The installation of CE516P is extremely practical for installers.

The auto-configuration and the automatic search of the “address” of each detector, allows the almost automatic programming of the control panel, as the unique actions required are the alarm and relays assignment.
Each pre-set adjustment or setting can be edit.

Through the sensors, the gas control unit detect flammable, toxic and oxygen gases when they are concentrating in the atmosphere, indicating the danger acoustically and stopping the gas flow, preventing it from reaching the environment.

Designed for small and medium-sized systems and to allow maximum flexibility in the detection of flammable, toxic and oxygen gases, the Tecnocontrol CE516P Gas Control Unit can manage up to 16 gas detectors divided into 2 groups of 8, each with its own BUS cable. In fact, the CE516P control unit have 2 serial ports with proprietary RS485 BUS input (COM1 and COM2) on each of which the TS482 type detectors can be connected and an AUX Logic Input that can be configured and associated with a relay output.

The sensors connected to CE516 gas central panels can be grouped into ZONES (max 4), which can be associated with up to 2 different relay outputs for each alarm level and 1 for FAULT (Fault).
A logic AUX input can be configured and matched to a relay output and can be set to each zone according to an operating logic. The logic AUX output can be configured to activate (switch on) one of the available relays, so that it can be used by devices having NO/NC contact outputs (smoke sensors, emergency buttons, etc.).

The CE516P Tecnocontrol control units have been designed mainly for industrial environments, however they are particularly suitable for all those potentially dangerous places, such as underground parking or working environments in general. In fact, CE516P control units have no.5 up to no.9 configurable relays alarm outputs, with special operation for car parks - PARKING EN (EN 50545-1) - or for working places, with TLV exposure limit value.

CE516P control units and sensors communicate bi-directionally, so the verification and calibration operations can be carried out without reaching the sensor, being often placed in a too high or difficult place to reach.

The sensors for light gas (methane, hydrogen, ammonia, etc.) can receive the gas needed to calibrate them by a nozzle mounted on all detectors, so, if during the installation phase a small tube that reach the ground is mounted, the installer can proceed with the calibration of the detectors directly from the control unit and blow gas by the previously mounted tube, maintaining a comfortable position during the operations.

An inner buzzer, a memory saving up to 100 events such as alarms, faults, control unit activation, lack of network and alarm reset, an SD-CARD input that can be used to perform future updates of the control panel firmware, loading or saving the control panel configurations and saved events, transferring the configuration from one CE516P to another CE516P, data logger ( storage the values read by the sensors, in text format), and 1 Modbus® RS485 serial port (COM3) to connect the control unit to supervisory systems with the ES415 expansion card (PC-Modbus output card) via the binary Modbus RTU protocol and much more features make CE516P a real excellence of Made in Italy, sublimated by a design of great aesthetic effect signed by Giugiaro.

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