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Measurement instruments (45)

Have you already browsed our section dedicated to portable tools? Go ahead and discover all our products.

Thermoregulation (59)

Thermoregulation is only one of the sectors in which we are most qualified and recognized worldwide. Discover all our other areas of specialization and choose the solution that best suits you.

Gas detection (67)

Safety at your fingertips thanks to our catalogue: in addition to gas detection products, discover all the other solutions.

Valves for fire extinguishers and technical gases (82)

In addition to the best valves for fire extinguishers and technical gases you will find in our catalog all the products you need for the protection of your company or your home. Find out more.

Oil Filters (21)

The specific products in the diesel section are just a few dedicated to mechanical maintenance. Discover all the other products and services we offer.

Firefighting (159)

We pride ourselves on our fire-fighting products as well as the other products we make for the safety of companies: discover the product that best suits you among a wide range of solutions.

Gas train equipment (61)

All accessories in the industry, including gas train equipments, are more than just accessories: they are fundamental parts. Discover them all in our catalogue.

Fixed combustion analyzers (10)

Combustion analysis is essential to monitor the health of the air and the safety of your system. Discover all the other products dedicated to safety by browsing our catalogue.