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Central units series TEKNO

Central units series TEKNO are the best solution for small and medium installation of smoke detection, where it is sufficient to give a “zone” signal in case of alarm. In accordance with EN54 Standard (part 2 and 4), each zone can manage up to a maximum of 32 conventional smoke detectors to impedance variation. The keyboard for the management of the central is climbed on the frontal panel and it is therefore directly accessible as foreseen by European EN54 approvals (part 2) and it allows 3 working levels. The central unit has outputs relays for the alarm and general fault besides two outputs for alarm devices checked and limited in current. For external loads, the power supply available is of 1,3 A with automatic limitation.


Modello GCF120P Zone 2
Modello GCF140P Zone 4
Modello GCF180P Zone 8

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