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GRF220 Duct smoke detector

Duct smoke detector provides early warning of smoke by continually sampling air movement within heating and ventilation ducts in industrial and commercial premises. The duct smoke detector provides switching facilities to shut down associated fans to prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases into other areas. GRF is specifically recommended for installations in ducts with low airflow. The device operates in air speeds between 5 m/s to 20 m/s. Is available on demand a sampling pipe that maximise the Venturi effect through the optical smoke detector camber. The length of the sampling tube is determined by the width of the ventilation duct. The sampling tube is available in three length: 0,6 mt, 1,5 mt and 2,8 mt. Base for sensor included.


Standard Specifications

Size: 180 x 183 x 235mm
Weight: 700 g.
Material sampling tube: Aluminum

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