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SE194K control units for 3 remote sensors

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SE194K control units for 3 remote sensors

The central panels are equipped with three led bars that indicate the reached gas
concentration, The green led indicates fresh air, the first and second red leds indicate
pollution and the third and fourth red leds indicate the switching on of the alarm relay.
The yellow led indicate an anomaly of the system and it operate on the fault relay.

Standard Specifications

Power supply: 24Vcc
Installation: Wall
Absorption: 10 VA
Alarm level: 10% LIE - 20% LEL - Measuring range: 0÷20% LEL
N° 3 safety positive relay with alarm memory for all sensors
A led bar indicate the reached gas concentration;1 for each sensor


N° 3 Relé 230V 3A SPDT
Metano GPL

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