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Automatic Gas Valves - Slow Opening / Fast Closing DN65, DN80, DN100 – Pmax 360 mbar

Automatic gas solenoid valves are used for safety and control of gas for shut-off in gas feed pipes.
Suitable for various gasses, including Natural gas, Propane and LPG Gas solenoid valve normally closed solenoid that open automatically when the coil is powered and close automatically when there is no tension.

Standard Specifications

Pmax 360 mbar
Inlet connection Flanged – DN65 – DN80 – DN100 – PN16
Outlet Flanged – DN65 – DN80 – DN100 – PN16
Opening time Adjustable - 0,5 to 25 sec
Closing time <1 second
Adjustable Opening time / Rapid stroke / Flow regulation
Incorporated AISI 303 steel mesh filter on request
Supply voltage 230V (-15%+10%) 50-60Hz - 110V (-15%+10%) 50-60Hz - 24Vdc (-15%+10%) 50-60Hz
Power 230Vac DN65 - DN80 - DN100 Peak power 400W - Maintain power 4W Coils to class F copper wire class H
Use Non – aggressive gases – Family 1 – 2 – 3 and air
Test point 5 connections Screw ¼” NPT
Working Temperature - 20 °C – 60 °C
Approval EN161 / PED
Protection degree IP65


P Max
Gas valve Slow opening / Fast closing
360 mbar
Gas valve Slow Opening / Fast Closing
360 mbar
Gas valve Slow Opening / Fast Closing
360 mbar
Control position indicator DN65-DN80
Control position indicator DN100

Automatic gas Valve Pressure Drop table

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