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ST200PTB Manometer for test on gas pipelines

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ST200PTB Manometer for test on gas pipelines

Thanks to its internal flash memory, both the names of the technicians who will use the tool and the customer registry can be stored. It will be possible, therefore, to associate the tests with the customer and the technician who performed the check, for perfect traceability of every operation carried out.

The tool is supplied complete with a sturdy IP67 waterproof case, containing all the fittings necessary for connection to the pipes, and through the Bluetooth printer (optional) it is possible to print the results of the tests. Data transmission is also possible via the integrated Bluetooth module or through the USB type C output. It is also possible to store the tests on a special microSD card (not included). Data Logger function, color touch screen graphical display, and rechargeable lithium battery, complete the panorama of the instrument.

ST200PTB performs the leak test completely automatically: just turn it on, select the desired test, and wait for the result.

Complying with standard UNI:

ST200PTB is capable of carrying out the following tests independently:

  • UNI 7129:2015 - Gas installations for domestic use and similar powered by a distribution network.
  • UNI 11137:2019 - Gas installations for domestic use and similar.
  • UNI 11528:2022 - Gas installations with a thermal capacity greater than 35 kW.

Coming soon:

  • UNI 10845:2018 - Systems for the evacuation of combustion products connected to gas-powered appliances.
  • UNI EN 1610:2015 - Construction and testing of drainage connections and sewers.
  • UNI EN 806-4:2010 - Specifications for systems inside buildings for the conveyance of water intended for human consumption.
  • UNI EN 14336:2004 - Heating installations in buildings.
  • UNI EN 1264-4:2021 - Water-based radiant heating and cooling systems integrated into structures.

 Measurement specifications

  • Pressure:Range LOW -50:600mbar (resolution 0,01 mbar)
  • Pressure:Range HIGH 6 bar (resolution - 0,1 mbar)
  • Pressure:misura differenziale +/-1 bar (resolution - 0,1 mbar)
  • Internal temperature +5:+40°C (resolution - 0,1 °C)


  • Power connection/battery charger USB type C of the instrument or the battery
  • Power rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack 3,7 V/5000 mAh
  • Battery type interchangeable and rechargeable laso separately from the instrument
  • Alternative power 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable (not included)
  • Autonomy max 14 hours - min 6 hours
  • Recharging time around 4 hours

APP functions

  • Complete management of registries
  • Real-time display of pressure or leak test
  • Automatic generation of test reports in PDF format and possibility of sharing via email, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Real-time values display

Additional functions

  • Manometer function for measuring static, dynamic, and differential pressure
  • Real-time measurement graphic
  • Datalogger function
  • Automatic volume measurement
  • Automatic autozero
  • Possibility of conversion into different units of measurement
  • Free parameter programming
  • Internal calendar and clock
  • Displaying of testing time
  • Temperature compensation
  • Customizable report storage with user data

Standard Specifications

Integrated pump: Maximum pressurization: up to 600 mbar
Support: Integrated magnets
External probe connections: 1 push-pull connection (for various types of probes)
GAS connection 2 sockets DN5
Display: Color graphical display of 240 x 320 pixels Touch screen
User interface: Total Touch (only power on and off with button)
Operating time : +5:+40°C
Storage and transport temperature : -20:+50°C
Protection rate : IP40
Weight: 500 g (with Li-ion battery pack included)
Dimensions: 210 x 80 x 43 mm


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