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BRIXIA X Fire Extinguisher Pressure Test Instrument for Inspections: Maximum Reliability for Firefighting Device Maintenance

01 September 2023

Fire extinguishers are the most widely used firefighting equipment. The law requires their presence both in private places, such as offices and shops, and in public places, such as hospitals and schools, and their installation must include at least one unit for each specific system with a fire risk.

In particular, pressurised portable fire extinguishers — those equipped with a permanently pressurised gas propellant — are optimal emergency devices. They ensure an adequate level of protection against small fires, but they must be kept in the proper condition for a prompt, effective response in the event of an emergency. The propellant required to expel the extinguishing agent is contained in a sealed tank, and the internal pressure is what keeps the system at the ready.

Maintenance is therefore essential for ensuring the device functions properly. Such maintenance is governed by the UNI 9994-1:2013 standard, which stipulates, among other things, that a periodic inspection is mandatory. This involves a complete revision of the fire extinguisher, including a visual inspection, check of the safety seal and, above all, the pressure test. Periodic monitoring of the extinguisher's internal pressure is designed to ensure that it falls within the right operating range. According to regulations, the fire extinguisher inspection must be conducted at least twice a year (semiannual fire extinguisher revision) using an independent instrument other than the original fire extinguisher pressure gauge. Compliance with these prevention practices is vital for ensuring the effectiveness of the devices.

To simplify and make maintenance activities more precise, CPF presents the new BRIXIA X pressure test instrument for fire extinguisher inspections.: BRIXIA X, the fully automatic pressure test for pressurised fire extinguishers, is produced by Tecnocontrol, a subsidiary of CPF Group specialising in the production of such instruments, which are marketed exclusively by CPF.

Designed to effectively meet modern demands for safety and reliability, BRIXIA X revolutionises pressure testing with a fully automated process that handles all maintenance analysis operations, up to and including immediate report printing.

A powerful processor and state-of-the-art electronics make the BRIXIA X an essential tool for workers and maintenance personnel. Building on CPF's extensive experience in fire prevention, the new BRIXIA X pressure test instrument for fire extinguisher inspections offers advanced functions to organise data and simplify reporting. The internal flash memory allows you to store both the names of the technicians using the tool and the customer master data, with a record of the reports produced. Via the micro-SD reader is possible to export datas to any device, so that the analysis history is always at hand: transparency and traceability for every operation.

BRIXIA X also allows you to immediately print a paper receipt with a QR Code to consult the results of the analysis. Multiple tests can be grouped into a single receipt for data clarity.

The BRIXIA X pressure test instrument for fire extinguisher inspections comes in a robust IP67 watertight case and is equipped with everything necessary to start pressure testing immediately, including a Bluetooth printer and calibration report. The large colour touch-screen display and rechargeable lithium battery round out the features, making the instrument intuitive to use the very first time.

Born out of CPF expertise and produced by Tecnocontrol, BRIXIA X offers maintenance workers inspecting pressurised devices total confidence when processing analysis results, as well as a new way to perform inspections easily, quickly and accurately. A guarantee of reliability in maintaining firefighting equipment.

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