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AC993 Brixia X - extinguisher pressure test

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AC993 Brixia X - extinguisher pressure test

BRIXIA X is the answer to modern pressure test demands of pressurized fire extinguishers.
A powerful processor, state-of-the-art electronics make the instrument a valuable working partner.
Ease of use: the test process is automatic until the report is printed.
Reliability: with Brixia X you will have a device built by those who have been making specific products for pressure tests for over 50 years.
Help: with Brixia X you can compile a complete test report.
BRIXIA X is also so much more. Its built-in flash memory makes possible to store both the names of maintenance technicians who will use the instrument and the customer’s registry data. Those data can also be transferred via micro-SD card and QRcode with which it is equipped. This allow to associate the tests with the customer and the technician who performed the check, for perfect traceability of each operation performed. The instrument is supplied complete with a robust IP67 watertight case that contains everything needed to perform the pressure test on fire extinguisher, including Bluetooth printer and calibration report. Colour graphic touch display and rechargeable lithium battery perfectionate this essential he instrument.

Through the QRcode you can transmit the measurement data directly to the management software.

This device allows to meet the requirements according to UNI 9994-1:2013 Paragraph 4.5

"b) for pressurised permanent pressure extinguishers internal pressure control with an independent instrument"

simple steps to make the measurement


Select "Measure"


The instrument performs the test automatically


Final report


During the pressure test procedure, there may occasionally be a loss of pressure caused by extinguishing dust. To avoid this inconvenience we recommend using the fitting

"Non-return valve".

After the test, the pressure gauge can be screwed directly on the fitting. At the next half-yearly pressure check, the presence of the Fitting will facilitate the test


"Non-Return Valve" Connection with Seal


disassemble pressure gauge and assemble "Non-Return Valve"


assemble connection on pressure test instrument

In comply with the requirements of the standard EN 3-7:2008

Standard Specifications

Power supply: External power supply 100/240 Vac for recharging or direct power supply of the instrument / printer. Possibility of additional battery pack
Battery: Li-ion 3.6 Vdc 6,3 Ah
Battery life: 10 hours
Battery charging time: 4 hours
Display: Graphic LCD TFT
Printer: External bluetooth, 58 mm width
Inlet thread: M.10x1
Working temperature: -10 to +50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 to +55 °C
Pressure range: 0 - 35bar
Settlement: 0,01bar
Protection rating: IP40
Dimension: 20mmx80mmx40mm (excluding probe)
Weight: 1 KG with case 2,5 KG


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