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Digital time switches for DIN rail 2 modules GECA

16 June 2023


Energy saving in domestic environments is an issue that has assumed vital importance and is faced daily by both manufacturing companies and consumers. The continuous increases in the bill, in particular, have brought attention to practices and products to make the system solutions of one's home more efficient.

Scheduling the start-up and shutdown of your systems based on the daily and weekly routine is a simple and practical way to significantly save on bills. Time switches are essential devices for regulating the on and off times of your systems, thus adapting consumption and operating modes to the user's preferences and allowing for more effective control over energy costs.

Easy to install and program, GECA's daily and weekly digital time switches for DIN rail are able to control the switching on and off of one (TM1-N) or two electric loads (TM2-N).

Through the convenient control panel and the graphic display for immediate viewing of the timed program, the TM1-N and TM2-N time switches allow daily and weekly programming with automatic (from program), manual (ON-OFF) or impulse.

The astronomical versions TMA (one channel) and TMA2 (two channels) also make it possible to control the switching on and off of electrical loads according to the sunrise and sunset time, which is preset in the firmware for each day of the year and for every Italian city.

The unique feature of GECA timers is that they can be powered indifferently with voltages between 12V and 230V and are equipped with lithium buffer batteries, which allow settings to be maintained in the event of a power failure for approximately 7 years.

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