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TL150ID Configuration for Plumbing

For plumbing inspections, provision is made for a 25 mm fixed watertight lens, suitable for use in any outlet or pipe, down to the smallest dimensions used in plumbing that is the diameter of 40 mm. Its small dimensions make it possible to easily get past 90° bends.

Standard Specifications

MONITOR IMAGES: In PAL colour, high-brightness
MONITOR RESOLUTION:600 lines, 7 inches, 176 x x114 mm
VIDEO RECORDING: Maximum 4 hours on a 4 G SD card, complete with audio
DATE AND TIME:Can be excluded from display/recording
JOYSTICK: For comfortably manoeuvring the pivoting len
BUILT-IN LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: Battery life 4 hours
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: Between -7 and +50 °C
PROTECTIVE CASE: Complete with “hands-free” shoulder strap and removable sun shield
POWER PACK/BATTERY CHARGER: Always supplied in all configurations
Power supply: from 110 to 240Vac 12VDC 2A
Lithium Battery: included (Autonomy 1 hours)
Max inspection lenght: 20 meters
Videocamera lights:8 White LED included in the head with ON/OFF control
Sight's angle of the camera: pan-and tiltable camera heads with 360° horizzontal and 180° vertical
Sight's depth of the videocamera: 50cm
Videocamera images: colours
Videocamera resolution: 420 lines
Monitor images: colours
Monitor resolution 600 lines
Video Record: SD Card with audio comment
Metercounter: overlaid on video
Pan-and titable camera protection: IP67
Working temperature from -7 to +50°C
Completely manufactured in Italy


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