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Gas Governor DN65 - DN80 - DN100

Spring-loaded governors, are designed and built according UNI EN 88 class A - group 2 specifications, can be used for all the types of natural gas LPG or not corrosive gases . These regulators are widely used in supply lines for mixed and combinated burners and in the piped distribution of methane gas and LPG in both industrial and non-industrial applications.
Spring-loaded/ governors are self-acting type with balanced obturator and double safety diaphragm. The double diaphragm allow to use the device within the cabinet, without connecting an external pipe venting. (Point 3.3.2 of UNI EN 88 regulation). All regulators have internal sensing line and inlet/outlet pressure test point

Standard Specifications

Pmax inlet max - 500 mbar - 1Bar - 2Bar
Setting outlet 10 – 300 mbar – Standard spring supplied 10 – 27 mbar –
Other spring on request
Filtering ≤ 50μm – Viledon cartridge
Inlet - Outlet Flanged connection DN65
Connection DN80 - DN100 - PN16
Test point Inlet / outlet on request – Test point 1/8” NPT
Working Temperature - 20 °C – + 60 °C
Use Not aggressive gases of three families – Natural Gas – LPG –
Town Gas
Approval UNI EN 88-2:2008 PED
Complete Body Die – Cast Aluminium Gd – AlSi12Cu – EN AB 46100
Diaphragms NBR 60Sh – DvGW EN 549
Plastic components Yellow POM / Pa 66 + 25% Gf


Color: White Range: 5 - 14 mbar
Color: Yellow Range: 6 - 22 mbar
Color: Neutral Range: 10 - 27 mbar
Color: Red Range: 28 - 70 mbar
Color: Black Range: 60 - 130 mbar
Color: Blue Range: 120 - 300 mbar
If you want test point in and out pls add code TPIO at the end of the code.


P Max
Gas Governor
5 Bar
Gas Governor
5 Bar
Gas Governor
5 Bar
Gas Governor with filter
5 Bar
Gas Governor with filter
5 Bar
Gas Governor with filter
5 Bar

Gas Governors Dimensions (4)

Dimensions DN65 DN80 DN100
WEIGHT (kgs) 16 15,3 14,6

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