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BETA 760CO - SE320EC Carbon monoxide detector

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BETA 760CO - SE320EC Carbon monoxide detector

BETA CO detectors warn the gas presence in the environment where they are installed with an optical and acoustic signal.
CO version are calibrated to detect the following concentration: 50 ppm x 70 minutes / 100 ppm x 20 minutes / 300 ppm x 1 minute. This threshold are guaranteed for a maximum period of 5 years.
After that period, an optical signal warns to replace the unit.

Standard Specifications

Power: 230Vca- 50/60Hz 2,3VA / 12Vcc 0,6W.
Sensor life: more than 6 years in a domestic environment according to specifications.
Working temperature: -10 ° C ... + 45 ° C.
Relative humidity: 30% ... 90% UR.
Sensor operation limit: 5000 ppm max 15 minutes
Maximum storage time: 6 months
Intervention thresholds:
  • l50 ppm for 70 minutes.
  • l100 ppm for 20 minutes.
  • l300 ppm for 1 minute.
Acoustic signal: 85 dB (A) to 1 meter.
Protection degree: IP42.
Electronic self-diagnosis with anomaly signal.
The CO alarm device conforms to the European standard EN 50291-1: 2010 “Electrical devices for the detection of carbon monoxide in domestic environments”.


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