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BostonX Flue gas analyzer

BostonX is at the top of the most modern combustion analyzers, detecting the emissions and efficiency of 26 different types of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels of thermal plants of any size.
You can easily save all measurement data to your smartphone and transmit it in real time to the company thanks to the intuitive dedicated app. You can also print the results to devices connected via Bluetooth.
Thanks to the precompiling of Annexes G and F, you forget about mistakes or the wrong sending to local authorities. In addition, you will always have at hand the updated history of your surveys. 

The smart, efficient combustion analyzer within app reach

Standard Specifications

Color TFT display 320x240 touch screen
Long-life digital sensors, easily replaceable
Integrated Bluetooth for connection to external printers
Single CO sensor for gaseous and solid fuels
Lithium battery for up to 6 hours
USB connection for connection to external hardware


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