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ST200PT Manometer for test on gas pipelines

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P.IVA 03543100170
via Miglioli, 47 - 20054 Segrate (MI), Italy
Tel.+39 02 26922890

ST200PT Manometer for test on gas pipelines

Extraordinary for its automation level, ST200PT is proposed on the market as most innovative instrument for test on gas pipelines. Few steps for the use, best technology in terms of electronic and excellent performances in terms of precision and repeatability, make ST200PT an instrument indispensable for everyday work. Thanks to its internal flash memory, it is possible to store both technician names that work with instrument and costumer database. In this way, it will be possible to associate the tests to the costumer and the technician that who makes the control for a perfect traceability for each performance. The instrument is supplied complete of a sturdy IP67 watertight suitcase, containing all connections suitable to the connection on pipes and into ST200PT/S model is included also IR infrared printer where it is possible print all test results. Data transmission is possible also via Bluetooth+Wi-Fi (optional) or with USB output type C. It is possible store tests on the microSD memory card (not supplied). Data logger function, touch colour graphic display and rechargeable lithium battery also externally, complete the panorama of the instrument.

ST200PT performs the gas plant leak test in a completely automatic way: just to turn it on, select the desired test and wait for the result.

Complying with standard UNI:

  • UNI EN 1610:2015 - construction and testing of drain connections and sewer pipes
  • UNI EN 806-4:2010 - specifications relating to installations inside buildings for conveying water intended for human consumption
  • UNI EN 14336:2004 - heating systems in buildings
  • UNI EN 1264-4:2009 - radiant systems powered by water for heating and cooling integrated in the structures

 Measurement specifications

  • Pressure:Range LOW -50:600mbar (resolution 0,01 mbar)
  • Pressure:Range HIGH 6 bar (resolution - 0,1 mbar)
  • Pressure:misura differenziale +/-1 bar (resolution - 0,1 mbar)
  • Internal temperature +5:+40°C (resolution - 0,1 °C)


  • Power connection/battery charger USB type C of the instrument or the battery
  • Power rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack 3,7 V/5000 mAh
  • Battery type interchangeable and rechargeable laso separately from the instrument
  • Alternative power 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable (not included)
  • Autonomy max 14 hours - min 6 hours
  • Recharging time aroung 4 hours

 Data management

  • Flash Internal memory
  • Additional memory micro SD card (not included)
  • Infrared printer
  • USB type C, Bluethoot + Wifi (optionals) datas connection

Additional function

  • Pressure gauge function for measuring static and dynamic pressure with measured minimum and maximum indications
  • real-time measurement graphic
  • Datalogger function
  • Automatic volume measure
  • Automatic autozero
  • Possibility of conversion in the different units of measurement
  • Measuring of differential pressure
  • Measuring of room humidity by probe (optional SO390)
  • Free programming of all parameters by operator
  • Internal calendar and clock
  • Displaying of testing time
  • Temperature compensation
  • Storing of reports which can be personalized with oser's data

Standard Specifications

Pump integrated max pressurization up to 600 mbar
Integrated magnets support
External probes connection 1 push-pull connection (for different probes model)
GAS connection 2 sockets DN5
Cour graphic from 240x320 pixel touch screen dispaly
Operating time : +5:+40°C
Storage temperature : -20:+50°C
IP protection IP40
Batteria Li-ion 3.6Vdc 5 Ah
Durata media 10 ore
Tempo di ricarica batteria 4 ore
Stampante Esterna all’infrarosso; larghezza carta 58mm
Display TFT a colori Touch Screen
Temperatura di esercizio -5 +50°C
Temperatura di stoccaggio -20 +55°C
Dimensioni 190mm x 78mm x 42mm
Peso Circa 600gr

CONFORME A normaUNI 11137:2012 / ± 15.000 Pa

Pressione differenziale ± 15.000 Pa 1 Pa ± 1 Pa o 3% del valore misurato
Depressione camino ± 15.000 Pa 1 Pa ± 1 Pa o 3% del valore misurato
Pressione ± 15.000 Pa Ponte DMS
T-aria -15…100 °C Semiconduttore
Umidità 0…100% Capacitivo
Differenziale 0…100% Calcolato
Volume 0…100% Calcolato

Se l’impianto necessitasse di manodopera o di chiusura occorrerà ricercare la perdita, ripararla e rieffettuare la prova come prescrive la norma 7129-1


FAMIGLIA GAS Impianto a norma Impianto agibile ma occorre una manutenzione entro 30 giorni Chiusura impianto
I - II Q ≤1 dm3/h 1<Q≤5 dm3/h Q>5 dm3/h
III Q ≤0,4 dm3/h 0,4 <Q ≤2 dm3/h Q>2 dm3/h

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