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GSM03 GSM remote control

Produced by:

P.IVA 03124320171
via E.Fermi, 98 - 25064 Gussago (BS), Italy
Tel.+39 030 3730218

GSM03 GSM remote control

GSM controller that allows to enable or disable remote equipment (boilers, thermostats, fan coils, air conditioners, alarm systems, gates, etc.) through app or a simple SMS or a ringing telephone. The GSM 03 activator is equipped with output relay and two alarm inputs, for immediate notification to, for example, boiler block, blackout, or alarm system intervention (theft, gas, fire), etc..

Standard Specifications

Power supply: 12/24 Vca/cc – I max 500 mA
Output relay: 2
Output signal: Class 4 (2w @850/900 MHz) / Class 1 (1W @1800/1900 MHz)
Sensibility: 107dBm @ 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Battery: Li-Ion POLY ricaricabile 3.7V-500mA
User management: Yes
External antenna: Yes
Relay monostable: 8 A - 250 Vca
Command type: APP, SMS, ring or manual
Free input: 3
Temperature control: Yes
Programming: by APP/SMS
Dimension: 140x85x44 mm
Standards conformity: EN 301489-7 / EN 301511 / EN 60950


  • Apertura Cancelli e Saracinesche

  • Comando Irrigazione

  • Allarmi Intrusione

  • Accensione Illuminazione Esterna/Interna

  • ON/OFF Riscaldamento o Condizionamento domestico

  • Allarmi Fughe di Gas

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