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P.IVA 03124320171
via E.Fermi, 98 - 25064 Gussago (BS), Italy
Tel.+39 030 3730218

ROMA touch screen programmable thermostat

Digital touch screen programmable thermostat with backlight display. Easy to install on 2 or 3 moulding box or wall version.

Battery powered, it has a double operation modes (summer and winter) in order to command conditioning or heating systems. Simply touch the surface of the display to activate the back light and to show the lock fuction. ROMA offers an "antifreeze" program that preserves the system also with the programmable thermostat off (temperature lower than 5°C).

Standard Specifications

Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
Battery life: About 24 months (in stand-by mode)
Low battery alarm: Yes, 2 thresholds
Programming: Every 30 minutes
User control: Yes (with optional password)
Temperature's range: Winter: +5/+30 °C - Summer: +15/+35 °C
Temperature's step: Winter:±0.2°C Summer: ±0.2°C
Thermal differential: Adjustable from ±0.2 to ±2°C
Contact capacity: 230 Vca - 5A (Resistive load)
Installation: In a recessed box with 2 or 3 modules
Colours: White and anthracite


Bianco cod. 33202557 incasso
Antracite cod. 33212558 incasso
Bianco cod. 33222677 parete


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